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Status report – 16 march 2019


Hey, we are here to share with you some of our progress for last few weeks. Hope you will like it. Don’t forget about the question section in our community – good way for the constructive discussions. Anyway let’s start:

– Server part: Base logic of lobby, game-round rotation, connection, test preparations
– Small bug fixes
– First implements of character’s abilities
– Fixed animation blending problem

– Lobby map modeling
– Work on game trailer

– Fluid effects for characters
– Testing of physics-based animations
– Particles for character’s explosion

– Animation fixes for Slobber medium character
– Base work on second map.
– Small fixes of UfoArena map
Development process is not as fast as we want to, but we’re working hard to show you more of our game’s content. Don’t miss any important news and updates follow our game and add to the wishlist. Thank you!
Oh, here are some additional gif images for you. Like it?