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Indie that helps indie.


We are the small indie team and that is why we know how difficult it is to create a quality product without support, how much effort and time it takes to create a game which after all may fail.
But we’ve never made compromises with conscience and we are doing all our best for creating game that we admire. We are fond of the development process and hope that you will enjoy the result. We want to support our game’s fans, who also enjoy the process of work and never underestimate the importance of quality . If you create reviews for games and your content is REALLY good but you do not have money for your channel advertising, we will help you with the promotion of your blog in our social media pages. We will evaluate only the quality of your content, no matter what number of subscribers you have or how many likes are under your video. Looking forward to see what you will create, feel free to send us any questions you have!