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Status report – 26 May 2019


Yes, we haven’t posted anything for a long time, sorry!
Anyway we were working alot all this time and closed testing stage will be announced soon, stay tuned.

What new:

– Basic HUD
– Server bug fixes
– Lobby map in progress.
– Physics based animation.

– Lobby map imporvements/modeling
– Finished video part of game trailer, audio started.
– Slobber Large animation imporvements
– Particles and Effects for characters.
– Physical assets fixes for Slobber Large character
– Working on second map.

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Status report – 24 march 2019



This week was almost the same type of work as the previous one. Anyway we have good progress in our cinematic trailer and physical animations (which are looking absolutely stunning). Let’s start:

– Working on server logic
– Small bug fixes
– Implementation of physical animations (not working yet)

– Lobby map imporvements/modeling
– Work on game trailer
– Fluid effects for characters (hit reaction)
– Particles
– Physical assets fixes for Slobber medium/ Slobber small character
– Working on second map.
– Small fixes of UfoArena map

Follow us, add to your wishlist more interesting things are coming!

Status report – 16 march 2019


Hey, we are here to share with you some of our progress for last few weeks. Hope you will like it. Don’t forget about the question section in our community – good way for the constructive discussions. Anyway let’s start:

– Server part: Base logic of lobby, game-round rotation, connection, test preparations
– Small bug fixes
– First implements of character’s abilities
– Fixed animation blending problem

– Lobby map modeling
– Work on game trailer

– Fluid effects for characters
– Testing of physics-based animations
– Particles for character’s explosion

– Animation fixes for Slobber medium character
– Base work on second map.
– Small fixes…

Indie that helps indie.


We are the small indie team and that is why we know how difficult it is to create a quality product without support, how much effort and time it takes to create a game which after all may fail.
But we’ve never made compromises with conscience and we are doing all our best for creating game that we admire. We are fond of the development process and hope that you will enjoy the result. We want to support our game’s fans, who also enjoy the process of work and never underestimate the importance of quality . If you create reviews…

Welcome to Flea Madness world!


Hi, gamers! We are a small team of indie developers and we want to present you exciting world of Flea Madness. Flea Madness is a fun multiplayer action game with extremely high gameplay speed. We will be glad to see you on our social pages, steam page and other gaming platforms. Follow the game development process, comment, sign up, share with your friends!