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What’s new?


Hey, so what about the updates before the next testing stage? Here they are!
– Combat system improvement.
– Improved effect for understanding when you bite other character.
– Improved damage receiving effect.
– Characters’ materials improved.

– Dash Attack is now aimed and could be done in the air.
– Character form changes (character level can’t be dicreased now).
– Character health system. Added dynamic extra health bar you need to fill it out to evolve.
– Added mutation effect (with explosion).
– “Madness” effect added for the extra health bar.
– Slobber’s first abillity visually changed.
– Added ability to win the match.
– Molecula character added (the next stage for the biggest Slobber). If you evolve into Molecula run our from the level (marked area) and you will become the winner.

– First implementation of the team death match.
– Game menu changed.
– Game HUD changed.
– NPC food added – Maggots.
– Improved UfoArena map (visual, postprocess).

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